Missing teeth become increasingly common as we age, and over half of all people in the United States lose at least one tooth by the time they are 50. Dentures have long been regarded as the best tool for replacing missing teeth, but the development of dental implants has given people another option that many find to be more desirable. Dental implants look and feel like human teeth and, if cared for properly, result in minimal complications and last forever. There are two main components to good implant maintenance: the cleaning you do at home and the cleaning done by your general dentist.

Everyday Maintenance

Dental implant cleaning is very similar to real teeth cleaning. Implants do not develop cavities like real teeth do, but bacteria grow just as readily on implants as they do on teeth. The plaque that forms from bacterial growth should be cleaned off every day. If not, infections and gum disease can develop, and infections around implants are particularly dangerous because they can damage the implant attachment as well as the underlying bone. The best way to prevent plaque overgrowth and infection is to brush and floss daily just as you would real teeth.

Cleaning at Your Dentist

The second part of implant maintenance is cleaning by a dental hygienist. Implants require specialized cleaning by a professional at regular intervals, and X-rays need to be taken as well 

to ensure that the bone structure supporting the implant remains healthy. Hygienists also make sure implants stay securely attached and check the health of the surrounding gums.

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