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One of our goals at Gaspari Family Dental Care is to provide the highest quality care and service to all of our patients. When you come to visit Dr. Joseph A. Gaspari, we want you to be able to trust the different treatments we recommend. In order to give you more confidence in our dentist, you can see what others are saying about him by reading through the reviews below.

General Dentist and Periodontist in the same office. Complete family care, warm friendly staff and sedation to eliminate your dental fears. Dr. Gaspari’s office is the best.

                                                                    -Amy Boulan,Phillipsburg, New Jersey


Before I found Dr. Gaspari’s office I would have to go back and forth between my General Dentist and Periodontist. If something needed to be done, I would constantly be shuffling back and forth. Problem solved, since my General Dentist and Periodontist are now in the same practice. My days of visiting multiple offices is finally over. Comprehensive care, wonderful doctors and staff and the office technology is incredible. Everything is geared toward your comfort. My whole family goes to Dr. Gaspari, I couldn’t imagine going elsewhere.

                                                                -Carl Misch,Easton, Pennsylvania

 I have always been an anxious dental patient. I would think about my dental appointment days in advance. Not anymore, now I go to Dr. Gaspari’s office. They sedate me for my care, no anxiety and no pre-appointment worrying. Great office, great team and no anxiety what could be better? My highest recommendation, go to Dr. Gaspari’s office you will be amazed.

                                                                 -Tom Fielding,Bethlehem, 

 The staff is caring, helpful and fabulous. They pride themselves on being up to date on the latest treatments available and are easy to talk to. The office technology is mind boggling and they can sedate you. Need I say more, my whole family goes there. Not only have I never seen a practice like it, there’s none close. Go to Dr. Gaspari, they are the best.

                                                                  -Carol Essling,Hellertown, Pennsylvania 

 State of the art technology, caring doctors and a warm, wonderful friendly and caring staff. The care I received went way beyond my wildest expectations. I love my dental implants. A warm heartfelt thank you Dr. Gaspari, to you and your staff.

                                                                 -Kathy Lipson,Riegelsville, Pennsylvania

We at ProSites appreciate the opportunity to design your practice’s new website. In working with you, we have seen your genuine dedication to educating and serving patients while providing high-quality care. We salute your efforts in providing an extra level of communication, education and service that is so important to patients.

Dave Rutan



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