Plasma Rich Factor

Innovative bone and soft tissue regeneration

Faster Healing After Procedures

Plasma Rich Factor (PRF) encourages faster healing by supporting the body’s natural healing process. Any type of wound in the body triggers a healing response in which cells are rushed to the wound site to encourage healing. One type of these cells is a platelet, which releases growth factors (GF). These growth factors help the body heal itself naturally and stimulate stem cells to regenerate new tissue.

The Excitement About PRF

PRF is considered a breakthrough in bone and soft tissue regeneration because it permits the body to take advantage of the normal healing pathways at a greatly accelerated rate. When the body is wounded and needs to heal, many different cells and cell-types are rushed to the site of the injury. These cells initiate the healing process by forming blood clots and releasing growth factors into the wound. The more growth factors that are introduced to the wound, the quicker and more efficiently the body is able to heal.

By introducing PRF to the surgical area, the body is able to take advantage of a large amount of growth factors without the blood cells. This allows for accelerated healing but without the immune system response of swelling and inflammation. PRF also has been shown to increase the formation of new bone. By adding PRF to the surgical site, the doctor can now grow bone more predictably and faster than ever before. This is of great significance when placing dental implants.

Platelet Rich Fibrin

While Botox can certainly improve your look it requires indefinite maintenance as it wears off in 3 - 6 months, and has potential to cause nasty side effects or allergic reactions. PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin is acquired by drawing your blood and spinning it down in a centrifuge. The platelets which contain growth factors and the stem cells are then extracted and injected into fine lines and wrinkles and also into the lips to acquire a more full and youthful, but natural look. Unlike Botox, PRF is risk free. Because it is taken from your own blood you can not reject it or have a negative reaction to it. There are no side effects when using your own cells. PRF injections differ from Botox in that they don't give results that you see in days but rather over the course of 2 to 3 months. Each treatment delivers an accumulative affect. The growth factors in your blood stimulate your body to regenerate lost collagen and elastin giving you much longer results than Botox.

Clinical Applications of PRF

We use PRF to perform a number of dental procedures, including bone grafting for dental implants, repairing fistulas between the sinus cavity and mouth, and repairing bone defects created by the removal of teeth and small cysts. PRF can be generated in our office while you are undergoing a procedure.

About L-PRF Platelet Therapy

Dr. Joe Gaspari is among the few dentists in the area to offer L-PRF (leukocyte-platelet rich fibrin) platelet therapy as an all-natural approach to enhance the healing process. The best way to describe this treatment is that it is a bioactive band-aid for the wounded sites that is created from your own blood. We perform a blood draw to create an advanced bioactive compound that is placed at the surgery site to promote faster healing.

L-PRF Platelet Therapy at Our Practice

Dr. Gaspari may recommend L-PRF Platelet Therapy as part of a bone grafting or ridge augmentation procedure when you need additional bone tissue while Plasma Rich Factor can assist with the natural bone regeneration process, encouraging faster healing. L-PRF Platelet Therapy has been cleared by the FDA and is 100% biocompatible because the compounds are derived from your own blood.


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